Cash Poker Game – Play The Right Hands

The old song “The Gambler” had a few tips that anyone can use in their cash poker game strategy. The average player isn’t going to understand the notion of folding often, but that might be the greatest thing you can do. If you’re trying to make some serious money with the game of skill, you will need to consider a few steps moving forward. The first major step that you’ll want to look into is learning how to play the right cards at the right time. The following is a few tips that will help you progress in gaining some serious money with this game.

Fold Often – The first thing that you’ll notice about playing conservatively and tight, is to make sure to fold if you don’t have a good hand. If you have for instance, a 2 of clubs and a 7 of spades, you aren’t going to land very well in the flop. It’s combinations like that, which require folding. Fold often, and don’t get worried if you’re not playing a lot of hands.

Avoid Bullies – The second thing that you’ll want to do is avoid the bullies at any table you’ll see. Many times, there are a lot of poker bullies that will go all in on all sorts of hands. They’ll bluff often, and they’ll push your buttons, forcing you to play hands that you might not normally play. Do not, under any circumstances, go all in without having a good hand.

Hang On – The last thing you’ll want to do is hang on. Fold often, hang on to your chips and don’t move too far ahead in the first few rounds until those that are bullying knock themselves out. If you can withstand the onslaught of bullies, fold, play tight and conservatively and make it to the second or final rounds, that’s when you have to shift the bets into higher gear, only after you’ve lasted a while and have seen mediocre players fall away, should you start playing harder.

The above tips are just basic, they are meant to help you think. Make sure that you’re always thinking, and recognizing any patterns that you might see coming to fruition in front of you. You will find that patterns emerge swiftly and will help you make proper decisions in regards to any cash poker game that you find yourself in. Remember, don’t be scared to fold if you don’t have a good hand, bluffing will not be necessary until the final stages, at least in this type of game.

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